Prerequisite: Mission 14 << Missions >> Tabitha's Lead

  • Name: Xeno Atmosphere
  • Location: Xeno Homeworld
  • Energy: 25

Enemy DecksEdit

L: level, A: attack, H: health, D:delay (timer)

Terrogor1 6Weaken 1
Vaporwing1 273Armor 1Jam every 4
Cavern Smelter1 3104
Cavern Smelter2 3124
Enclave Parasite1 193Counter 1Leech 1
Tunneller1 242Siege 1Pierce 1
Achawin1 262Counter 1Weaken 1
Hypastryx1 211Evade 1Counter 1
Enfeebler1 231Weaken 1
Spore Pod2 63Rally Xeno 2Weaken 1
Radiant Cultivator1 84WallCounter 1Heal Xeno 1
(if stats of card are incorrect, please visit Template:C or leave a comment)
After a 9th victory, all enemy cards are fully upgraded:
Terrogor12Rally Xeno 1Weaken All 1
Vaporwing4153Evade 3Armor 3Jam every 2
Cavern Smelter4144
Cavern Smelter4144
Enclave Parasite2103Counter 2Leech 2
Tunneller262Siege 2Pierce 3
Achawin282Counter 2Weaken 1
Hypastryx311Evade 2Counter 2
Enfeebler261Weaken 1
Spore Pod63Rally Xeno 2Weaken 2
Radiant Cultivator114WallCounter 1Heal All Xeno 1



Mission TextEdit

Octane and Tabitha find themselves in the atmosphere of the Xeno homeworld. They hope to prevent a massive invasion and still get home alive.


Octane: Are we certain the Xeno could not track our warp signature?

Tabitha: The Scion believes they may detect the warp, but not what was transported.

Octane: Then let's complete our mission quickly before they can report.

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