Rogue Element 3 << Missions

  • Name: Rogue Element 4
  • Location: Ashrock
  • Energy: 150

Enemy DecksEdit

L: level, A: attack, H: health, D:delay (timer)

Sidoze6 37Rally Imperial 2Weaken 2
Imperial APC4 261Armor 2Heal Imperial 2Rally Imperial 1
Twinblade4 2144Rally All Imperial 1Weaken All 1
Tiamat5 381Strike 1Siege 3
Tiamat5 381Strike 1Siege 3
Aegis5 3113Armor 3Heal All 2
Aegis5 3113Armor 3Heal All 2
Nimbus4 3112Heal 3Weaken 1
Titan4 5124Armor 3Strike 2Siege 2
Neocyte Extractor4 102Heal All Imperial 1Weaken 3
Absorption Shield5 144WallCounter 2Heal All 2
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After a 9th victory, all enemy cards are fully upgraded:
Sidoze37Rally Imperial 2Weaken 2
Imperial APC261Armor 2Heal Imperial 2Rally Imperial 1
Twinblade2144Rally All Imperial 1Weaken All 1
Tiamat391Strike 2Siege 3
Tiamat391Strike 2Siege 3
Aegis4123Armor 3Heal All 2
Aegis4123Armor 3Heal All 2
Nimbus4142Heal 3Weaken All 1
Titan5154Armor 3Strike All 2Siege All 2
Neocyte Extractor101Heal All Imperial 2Weaken 3
Absorption Shield154WallCounter 2Heal All 3




Typhon Vex: There are larger threats than you out there. You need to learn your place.

Mission ChangesEdit

Neocyte Extractor replaced Extraction Plant when Harvest was released.

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