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Quest 1

The Quest system grants rewards when specific goals are achieved. Clicking "!" button next to the Deck button shows a list of quests you can carry out.

Quests were implemented on Oct 15, 2013.


If you complete a quest that is not yet available to you, you will be rewarded when that quest becomes available.

The first four quests are Savior of Acheron (Complete Mission 8), Scavenger (Gain 5 SP), Warlord (Achieve 200 Battle Rating), and Rise to Power (Upgrade a card to Level 2).

List of QuestsEdit

Savior of AcheronEdit

Complete specific missions:


Salvage cards to earn a specified amount of SP Sp:

  • Sp 5: Gold 300
  • Sp 20: Gold 400
  • Sp 75: Gold 500

Fusion MasterEdit


  • for first card created via fusion: Gold 250
  • for third card created via fusion : Gold 250
  • for fifth card created via fusion : Wb 25


Achieve a specified amount of Battle Rating Rating:

  • Rating 200: Gold 200
  • Rating 500: Gold 500
  • Rating 1000: Gold 250
  • Rating 2000: Wb 50

Rise to PowerEdit

Upgrade a card to:

  • Level 2 : Gold 200
  • Level 3 : Gold 200
  • Level 4 : Gold 250
  • Level 5 : Gold 250
  • Level 6 : Wb 25

Kongregate to VictoryEdit

Create or log into an account on Kongregate.

  • Wb 25

Legendary QuestEdit

Quest for VindicationEdit

Boss QuestsEdit

Quests that task you with defeating difficult side bosses ten times.

After Boss mission Mission 94Edit

Side missions released before 

Cyberius RechargedEdit

Excelsitus EmergedEdit

Jotun RevitalizedEdit

Halcyon EnragedEdit

After Boss mission Mission 106Edit

GDR RebootedEdit

Balefire BolsteredEdit

Vitriol VileEdit

Mammon ManiaEdit

Fissure FerociousEdit

Pantheon PoweredEdit

Mutant QuestsEdit

Quests that task you with defeating extremely challenging bosses ten times.

Razogoth MutantEdit

Tyr Cannon MutantEdit

Albatross MutantEdit

Protomech MutantEdit

Miasma MutantEdit

Excelsitus MutantEdit

Serapherus MutantEdit

Daily PvP QuestsEdit

Each day, players are given three daily PvP quests at random - one easy, one medium, and one hard, drawn from the list below. Progress towards these quests can only be made on the Battle screen.


These Quests all reward Sp 5 SP

  • Heal Adept: Activate Heal 25 times
  • Protect Adept: Activate Protect 25 times
  • Rally Adept: Activate Rally 25 times
  • Enfeeble Adept: Activate Enfeeble 25 times
  • Strike Adept: Activate Strike 25 times
  • Weaken Adept: Activate Weaken 25 times
  • Berserk Adept: Activate Berserk 25 times
  • Imperial Conquerer: Defeat 5 Imperial Commanders
  • Raider Conquerer: Defeat 5 Raider Commanders
  • Bloodthirsty Conquerer: Defeat 5 Bloodthirsty Commanders
  • Xeno Conquerer: Defeat 5 Xeno Commanders
  • Righteous Conquerer: Defeat 5 Righteous Commanders
  • Battler: Win 10 Battles
  • Attacker: Deal 500 Attack Damage
  • Death Dealer: Destroy 50 Assault Cards


These Quests all reward Sp 10 SP

  • Imperial Killer: Destroy 50 Imperial Assault cards
  • Raider Killer: Destroy 50 Raider Assault cards
  • Bloodthirsty Killer: Destroy 50 Bloodthirsty Assault cards
  • Xeno Killer: Destroy 50 Xeno Assault cards
  • Righteous Killer: Destroy 50 Righteous Assault cards
  • Jam Adept: Activate Jam 25 times
  • Poison Adept: Activate Poison 25 times
  • Leech Adept: Activate Leech 25 times
  • Valor Adept: Activate Valor 25 times
  • Flurry Adept: Activate Flurry 25 times
  • Counter Damage: Deal 200 Counter Damage
  • Poison Damage: Deal 100 Poison Damage
  • Imperial Leader: Win 20 battles after playing 4 Imperial Assault cards in each
  • Raider Leader: Win 20 battles after playing 4 Raider Assault cards in each
  • Bloodthirsty Leader: Win 20 battles after playing 4 Bloodthirsty Assault cards in each
  • Xeno Leader: Win 20 battles after playing 4 Xeno Assault cards in each
  • Righteous Leader: Win 20 battles after playing 4 Righteous Assault cards in each
  • Hero: Win 25 Battles


These Quests all reward Sp 15 SP

  • Destroyer: Destroy 500 Assault Cards
  • Frequent Attacker: Deal 5000 Attack Damage
  • Champion: Win 50 Battles
  • Demolisher: Destroy 15 Structure Cards
  • Bunkered: Win 20 battles after playing 3 Structure cards in each
  • Heal Master: Activate Heal 250 times
  • Rally Master: Activate Rally 250 times
  • Strike Master: Activate Strike 250 times
  • Weaken Master: Activate Weaken 250 times

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