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  • Name: Precise Timing
  • Location: Xeno Homeworld
  • Energy: 90

Enemy DecksEdit

L: level, A: attack, H: health, D:delay (timer)

Terrogor4 12Rally Xeno 1Weaken All 1
Ghost1 252Evade 1Pierce 2
Hypastryx2 211Evade 1Counter 2
Tunneller2 262Siege 1Pierce 1
Dragoon1 484Poison 1
Spectre1 081Rally Xeno 1
Ectoplasm2 1103Enfeeble 1Leech 2
Ectoplasm3 2103Enfeeble 1Leech 3
Xeno Mothership2 2134Rally Xeno 2Weaken 1Siege 2
Terraformer1 262Enfeeble 1Leech 2
Spore Pod1 63Rally Xeno 1Weaken 1
(if stats of card are incorrect, please visit Template:C or leave a comment)
After a 9th victory, all enemy cards are fully upgraded:
Terrogor12Rally Xeno 1Weaken All 1
Ghost7102Evade 2Siege 5Pierce 6
Hypastryx311Evade 2Counter 2
Tunneller262Siege 2Pierce 3
Dragoon594Weaken 2Poison 2
Spectre1101Rally Xeno 2Weaken 1
Ectoplasm2113Enfeeble All 1Leech 3
Ectoplasm2113Enfeeble All 1Leech 3
Xeno Mothership3174Rally All Xeno 2Weaken All 1Siege 5
Terraformer5102Enfeeble All 1Poison 2Leech 4
Spore Pod63Rally Xeno 2Weaken 2




Tabitha: We can program the ship to continue the assault after we go through the portal. We just need to do enough damage to weaken the hull.

Octane: Well, figuring out the timing for that should be a treat.

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