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  • Name: 74. Surrounded
  • Location: Razogoth's Grave
  • Energy: 100

Enemy DecksEdit

L: level, A: attack, H: health, D:delay (timer)

Miradren4 29Strike All 1Weaken 1
Blitz Armor4 362Armor 2Rally Raider 3
Bulldozer5 3123Rally All Raider 1Siege 4
Anvil4 4102Protect Raider 2Rally Raider 2
Stag Beetle2 6123Counter 2Rally Raider 2
Stag Beetle3 6123Counter 2Rally Raider 2Pierce 2
Havoc4 482Counter 1Pierce 3
Omega4 281Strike 1Weaken 2Siege 2
Pyro Rig4 5113Armor 2Enfeeble 1Poison 2
Missile Silo5 124Strike 4Siege 3
Assembly Plant4 82Rally Raider 3Weaken 1
(if stats of card are incorrect, please visit Template:C or leave a comment)
After a 9th victory, all enemy cards are fully upgraded:
Miradren39Strike All 1Weaken 3
Blitz Armor362Armor 2Rally Raider 3
Bulldozer3123Rally All Raider 1Siege 5
Anvil4132Protect Raider 3Rally Raider 3
Stag Beetle7133Counter 3Rally Raider 3Pierce 4
Stag Beetle7133Counter 3Rally Raider 3Pierce 4
Havoc5112Counter 2Pierce 3
Omega3101Strike 2Weaken 2Siege 3
Pyro Rig7143Armor 3Enfeeble All 1Poison 2
Missile Silo123Strike 4Siege 4
Assembly Plant82Rally Raider 3Weaken 1




Katana: Raiders? Here? Why aren't they being attacked by Bloodthirsty?

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