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  • Name: 103. Impassioned Boast
  • Location: Arctis
  • Energy: 140

Enemy DecksEdit

L: level, A: attack, H: health, D:delay (timer)

Constantine5 36Enhance Armor 2Protect Righteous 1Weaken 2
Divine Equalizer1 2101Evade 2Heal 3Weaken 1
Glorious Vigil3 6133Armor 3Heal All 2Rally All Righteous 1
Camael Samaritan3 4204Strike 2Jam every 5Siege 5
Ruthless Brute5 3102Counter 2Weaken 3
Joltrek Skiff5 2112Evade 2Rally Righteous 1Weaken 2
Dawnbringer5 3113Evade 1Rally 3Siege 3
Crogall4 3112Evade 1Strike 3
Supersonic Deity5 3163Heal All Righteous 1Protect All Righteous 1
Pantheon5 104Evade 1Protect All Righteous 1Strike 2
Forged Memorial1 101Evade 2WallWeaken 3
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After a 9th victory, all enemy cards are fully upgraded:
Constantine43Enhance Armor 2Protect All Righteous 1Weaken 2
Divine Equalizer2141Evade 3Heal 3Weaken 2
Glorious Vigil6153Armor 3Heal All 2Rally All Righteous 2
Camael Samaritan5214Strike 3Jam every 5Siege 6
Ruthless Brute4112Counter 3Weaken 3
Joltrek Skiff2132Evade 2Rally All Righteous 1Weaken 2
Dawnbringer3133Evade 1Rally 4Siege 4
Crogall4152Evade 2Strike 3
Supersonic Deity3173Heal All Righteous 2Protect All Righteous 1
Pantheon114Evade 1Protect All Righteous 2Strike 2
Forged Memorial131Evade 3WallWeaken 4




Yurich: We've reached the Pantheon, but their defenses are as strong as Halcyon claimed.

Constantine: The Bloodthirsty must be stopped. Your intervention endangers all of Acheron.

Katana: We'll find another way. Your barbaric ritual will end before it begins.

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