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  • Name: 100. Truth Unveiled
  • Location: Arctis
  • Energy: 125

Enemy DecksEdit

L: level, A: attack, H: health, D:delay (timer)

Constantine4 30Enhance Armor 2Protect Righteous 1Weaken 2
Zodiac1 371Armor 2Heal All Righteous 1
Lightning Crag3 291Evade 4Armor 2Berserk 2
Vigil5 5123Armor 2Heal All 1Rally Righteous 1
Longshot5 381Pierce 2Inhibit 1
Contaminant Scour5 2101Rally Righteous 1Weaken 2
Pantheon Progeny5 4174Protect Righteous 2Rally Righteous 3Pierce 4
Apollo4 1174Heal All 1Protect All 1
Mending Sanctum4 451Counter 2Heal Righteous 2
Templar4 292Armor 2Protect All Righteous 1Strike 1
Shining Sanctuary3 162Heal All 1Rally All 1Weaken 3
(if stats of card are incorrect, please visit Template:C or leave a comment)
After a 9th victory, all enemy cards are fully upgraded:
Constantine43Enhance Armor 2Protect All Righteous 1Weaken 2
Zodiac4101Armor 3Heal All Righteous 1Rally All Righteous 1
Lightning Crag3111Evade 4Armor 3Berserk 2
Vigil5123Armor 3Heal All 1Rally All Righteous 1
Longshot481Protect 1Pierce 2Inhibit 1
Contaminant Scour3111Rally Righteous 1Weaken 2
Pantheon Progeny5174Protect Righteous 3Rally Righteous 3Pierce 5
Apollo2204Heal All 2Protect All 1
Mending Sanctum561Counter 3Heal Righteous 3
Templar3122Armor 2Protect All Righteous 1Strike All 1
Shining Sanctuary182Heal All 2Rally All 1Weaken 3




Yurich: Why are you here Barracus? To follow us?

Barracus: Ha! You always were short-sighted Yurich. Fine since you stopped me from completing my mission maybe you will do it for me.

Barracus: The Righteous are summoning a Sentinel. It will eradicate all life on Acheron. No life, no Blight. It is the only way to stop Typhon, but you aren't willing to let everyone die are you?

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