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Rise of the Ancients Heart of the Enclave Valentine's Day Massacre


The Heart of the Enclave was the fourth event in Tyrant Unleashed, running from January 9th, 2014 to January 30th. It introduced a new skill, Jam, and brought back a Reward card with a level 2 fusion.

Finishing level 10 of the boss mission in each part gives the a reward card. Finishing level 50 gives a second copy so that they can be fused.

Event Box Boss Mission Reward Card Fused Reward Fusion Level 2
Part 1 Warp Box Rastax Fighter Jet Covert Jet Mach Jet
Part 2 Homeworld Box Razogoth Gorivore Gornivorous -
Part 3 Escape Box Excelsitus Tazerok Tazerecca -


Xeno HomeworldEdit

Unlocked after Mission 14

Mission Energy Artifact Artifact Name Gold GpE Reward Card Quest 1 Quest 5 Quest 10 Quest 50
Xeno Atmosphere25Green Xeno SpliceGreen Xeno Splice271.08Spore Pod100 gold150 gold200 gold
Tabitha's Lead27Green Xeno SpliceGreen Xeno Splice301.1111Cavern Smelter
Capacity30Blue Xeno SpliceBlue Xeno Splice331.1Achawin
Curious Conundrum33Blue Xeno SpliceBlue Xeno Splice361.0909Xeno Mauler100 gold150 gold200 gold
Worldship Bound35Red Xeno SpliceRed Xeno Splice381.0857Enfeebler
Control Room40Red Xeno SpliceRed Xeno Splice441.1Radiant Cultivator
Shocking Revelation45Purple Xeno SplicePurple Xeno Splice491.0889Hypastryx100 gold150 gold200 gold
Rastax, Fleet Commander50Purple Xeno SplicePurple Xeno Splice601.2Spectre250 gold500 gold500 gold + Fighter JetFighter Jet
Trivial Victory50Red Blight StoneRed Blight Stone551.1Acid Spout100 gold150 gold200 gold
Stranded55Red Blight StoneRed Blight Stone601.0909Devourer
Bloodthirsty and Blight60Black Blight StoneBlack Blight Stone661.1Sulfuris Sentry
Into the Fire60Black Blight StoneBlack Blight Stone661.1Carcass Scrounge100 gold150 gold200 gold
Monstrosity65Crimson Blight StoneCrimson Blight Stone711.0923Annelid Mass
No Other Option70Crimson Blight StoneCrimson Blight Stone771.1Acid Spewer
Futile Attack75Yellow Blight StoneYellow Blight Stone821.0933Blight Geyser100 gold150 gold200 gold
Razogoth75Blue Blight StoneBlue Blight Stone901.2Corpulent Barrier250 gold500 gold500 gold + GorivoreGorivore
Narrow Escape75Green Xeno SpliceGreen Xeno Splice821.0933Spore Pod100 gold150 gold200 gold
Surprise Return80Green Xeno SpliceGreen Xeno Splice881.1Exogrunt
Under Control85Blue Xeno SpliceBlue Xeno Splice931.0941Tunneller
Stealthier Approach85Blue Xeno SpliceBlue Xeno Splice931.0941Xeno Mauler100 gold150 gold200 gold
Power Source90Red Xeno SpliceRed Xeno Splice991.1Radiant Cultivator
Precise Timing90Purple Xeno SplicePurple Xeno Splice991.1Hypastryx
Discovered95Yellow Xeno SpliceYellow Xeno Splice1041.0947Dracus Wyrm100 gold150 gold200 gold
Excelsitus, High Admiral100Aqua Xeno SpliceAqua Xeno Splice1201.2Glaive250 gold500 gold500 gold + TazerokTazerok

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