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The Harvest of Carnage was the second event in Tyrant Unleashed, running from November 14th, 2013 to December 4th. It was the first three part event, and also the first event where Event Box cards and Reward cards were released with fusions.

Finishing level 10 of the boss mission in each part gives the a reward card. Finishing level 50 gives a second copy so that they can be fused.

Event Box Boss Mission Reward Card Fused Reward
Part 1 Harvest Box Vegawalker Pantheon Progeny Pantheon Disciple
Part 2 Carnage Box Tyr Cannon Fighter Jet Covert Jet
Part 3 Cyber Box Cyberius Cyberpod Cyberpod XR5


Wasteland InvadedEdit

Unlocked after Mission 21

Mission Energy Artifact Artifact Name Gold GpE Reward Card
Walker Rises20Green Kor HeartGreen Kor Heart221.1Tainted Blade
Payload30Blue Kor HeartBlue Kor Heart331.1Dread Panzer
Striking Distance40Emerald Kor HeartEmerald Kor Heart441.1Mortar Mech
Vegawalker50Aqua Kor HeartAqua Kor Heart601.2Carbine
Air to Ground50 Blue Kor Heart Blue Kor Heart 551.1Raider Encampment
Purpose55 Aqua Kor Heart Emerald Kor Heart 601.0909Bombardment Tanks
Death from Above60 Aqua Kor Heart Aqua Kor Heart 661.1Headhunter
Advance Position65 Green Kor Heart Green Kor Heart 711.0923Grunt
Hold Ground70Blue Kor HeartBlue Kor Heart771.1Dread Panzer
Tyr Cannon75Orange Kor HeartOrange Kor Heart901.2Blitz Armor
Combine75Green Kor HeartGreen Kor Heart831.1067Headhunter
Blind Spot80Blue Kor HeartBlue Kor Heart881.1Dread Panzer
Quake80Emerald Kor HeartEmerald Kor Heart881.1Bombardment Tanks
Stay Low85Aqua Kor HeartAqua Kor Heart941.1059Combat Specialist
Ambush90Aqua Kor HeartAqua Kor Heart991.1Hydroblade
Labs90Orange Kor HeartOrange Kor Heart991.1Scorpinox
Worldshaker95Orange Kor HeartOrange Kor Heart1051.1053Mortar Mech
Cyberius100Purple Kor HeartPurple Kor Heart1201.2Assembly Plant


Wasteland DefenderEdit


  • Level 1: Defeat Vegawalker Lv. 1: 250 gold
  • Level 2: Defeat Vegawalker Lv. 2: 250 gold
  • Level 3: Defeat Vegawalker Lv. 3: 250 gold
  • Level 4: Defeat Vegawalker Lv. 4: 250 gold
  • Level 5: Defeat Vegawalker Lv. 5: 250 gold
  • Level 6: Defeat Vegawalker Lv. 6: 250 gold
  • Level 7: Defeat Vegawalker Lv. 7: 250 gold
  • Level 8: Defeat Vegawalker Lv. 8: 250 gold
  • Level 9: Defeat Vegawalker Lv. 9: 250 gold
  • Level 10: Defeat Vegawalker Lv. 10: Pantheon Progeny
  • Level 11: Defeat Vegawalker Lv. 50: Pantheon Progeny

Wasteland SaviorEdit

Tyr CannonEdit

Wasteland SurvivorEdit


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