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  • Name: Evrane
  • Location: Swamp Lands
  • Energy: 75

Enemy DecksEdit

L: level, A: attack, H: health, D:delay (timer)

Evrane1 20Heal Righteous 1Rally Righteous 1
Muon Walker1 363Evade 1
Muon Walker1 363Evade 1
Lucent Rider1 172Inhibit 1
Supersonic Deity1 193Protect All Righteous 1
Ayrkrane1 331Armor 1Strike 1
Crogall1 272Evade 1Strike 1
Fanatic1 542Counter 1
Cannon Walker1 241Siege 1
Angelwing1 1123Heal Righteous 1Rally All Righteous 1
Sanctuary1 72Heal All 1Rally 1
(if stats of card are incorrect, please visit Template:C or leave a comment)
After a 9th victory, all enemy cards are fully upgraded:
Evrane50Heal All Righteous 1Rally All Righteous 1Weaken 3
Muon Walker6133Evade 2Protect All Righteous 2Jam every 4
Muon Walker6133Evade 2Protect All Righteous 2Jam every 4
Lucent Rider3172Evade 3Rally All Righteous 1Inhibit 2
Supersonic Deity3173Heal All Righteous 2Protect All Righteous 1
Ayrkrane471Armor 2Strike 3
Crogall4152Evade 2Strike 3
Fanatic762Counter 4Strike 2
Cannon Walker361Strike 1Siege 2
Angelwing3133Heal Righteous 2Rally All Righteous 1
Sanctuary132Heal All 1Rally All 1Weaken 2




Oracle: Resistance is futile, the tribute will begin soon.

Octane: We'll bring you down with Evrane!

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