Prerequisite: Mission 94 << Missions

  • Name: Cyberius Recharged
  • Location: Wasteland
  • Energy: 100

Enemy DecksEdit

L: level, A: attack, H: health, D:delay (timer)

Cyberius3 35Enhance Armor 1Heal All Raider 1Rally All Raider 1
Lead Dozer5 3132Protect Raider 2Rally All Raider 1Siege 6
Delphan the Furious5 6142Rally Raider 3Siege All 3Poison 2
Soulsteel Mount4 5204Armor 3Strike 2Siege 4
STOVL Admiral4 5173Counter 3Rally Raider 3Pierce 2
Incinerator Rig3 8193Armor 4Enfeeble All 2Poison 4
Omega Nexus3 4141Strike 3Weaken 3Siege 5
Havoc Genesis2 7132Counter 4Pierce 5Berserk 1
Zephyr Superior4 4141Enfeeble 2Strike 3Weaken 3
Classified Rig5 91Heal Raider 3Jam every 3Siege All 1
Mobile Encampment2 152Evade 3Protect Raider 3Rally All Raider 3
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After a 9th victory, all enemy cards are fully upgraded:
Cyberius60Enhance All Armor 1Heal All Raider 2Rally All Raider 2
Lead Dozer3142Protect Raider 2Rally All Raider 2Siege 6
Delphan the Furious6142Rally Raider 3Siege All 3Poison 3
Soulsteel Mount7204Armor 4Strike All 2Siege 5
STOVL Admiral5183Counter 4Rally Raider 4Pierce 3
Incinerator Rig9203Armor 5Enfeeble All 3Poison 4
Omega Nexus5151Strike 4Weaken 4Siege 5
Havoc Genesis8142Counter 4Pierce 6Berserk 2
Zephyr Superior4151Enfeeble 3Strike 3Weaken 3
Classified Rig91Heal Raider 3Jam every 3Siege All 2
Mobile Encampment172Evade 3Protect Raider 4Rally All Raider 4



Mission TextEdit

Cyberius has regained power and has become stronger than ever. Power it down one last time!

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