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The Champion Box was available in the store during the first week of the Harrowing Journey event and the second anniversary of Tyrant Unleashed.


Rarity vindicator Quad Fused Vindicator ●○○○○○
Ultimata Ragefueled
Rarity vindicator Vindicator ●●●●●○
Villain Ember, Elemir, Requiem
Rarity legendary Legendary ●●●●○○
Endur x2, Maverick x2, Hellwing x2, Slayer Xyst x2, Kathryn x2
Rarity epic Epic ●●●○○○
Regal Pier x6, Kor Thunderforge x6, Harpy x6, Edge Skim x6, Praetor x6
Rarity rare Rare ●○○○
Valentina x12, Rubble Rover x12, Microgen x12, Barricade Slasher x12, Interdictor x12

Players can buy 1 random card out of those for Wb 60.

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