NOTE: In the PvP Update on November 26, Artifacts were removed from Missions and Battle. In a future update, they will be fully removed.


Artifacts are obtained by completing missions (obtainable by defeating other players in battle in the past). Once enough artifacts are obtained you have the option to reinforce a commander in the promote section, which gives you a random card of that faction (list of all possible rewards can be shown by clicking the '?' icon).

Unlocking CommandersEdit

Commanders are unlocked in PvP(Battle) by increasing your battle rating and earning promotion points. After one commanders in a tier is unlocked, you can reinforce all commanders in that tier without having them.

List of ArtifactsEdit

4/6/8 artifacts from the top in the following tables are required to reinforce Rare/Epic/Legendary commander. Legendary commanders cannot be reinforced yet, as tier 3 artifacts are not yet obtainable.


Image Name Missions(energy cost) where the artifact can be found
Silver Baron Medal Silver Baron Medal 1(15), 4(17)
Gold Baron Medal Gold Baron Medal 2(15), 7(20), 75(74)
Red Baron Medal Red Baron Medal 3(16), 77(82)
Gray Baron Medal Gray Baron Medal 12(24), 15(26), 46(56), 78(86)
Bronze Baron Medal Bronze Baron Medal 39(48), 47(58), 49(90), 80(94), Rogue Element 1(50)
White Baron Medal White Baron Medal 48(59), 55(74), 92(142), 102(135), Rogue Element 3(100), Halcyon Enraged(100)
Blue Baron Medal Unavailable
Orange Baron Medal Unavailable


Image Name Missions(energy cost) where the artifact can be found
Green Kor Heart Green Kor Heart 6(19), 10(22)
Blue Kor Heart Blue Kor Heart 8(20), 13(25), 84(110)
Emerald Kor Heart Emerald Kor Heart 9(21), 21(45), 85(114)
Aqua Kor Heart Aqua Kor Heart 14(25), 40(49), 42(50), 91(138)
Orange Kor Heart Orange Kor Heart 41(100), 43(51), 45(80), 74(100), 99(120), Rogue Element 2(75)
Purple Kor Heart Purple Kor Heart 44(53), 50(62), 87(175), 104(145), Rogue Element 4(150), Cyberius Recharged(100)
Red Kor Heart Unavailable
Yellow Kor Heart Unavailable


Image Name Missions(energy cost) where the artifact can be found
Red Blight Stone Red Blight Stone 18(29), 26(35), 69(50)
Black Blight Stone Black Blight Stone 19(30), 27(36), 72(62)
Crimson Blight Stone Crimson Blight Stone 20(30), 28(100), 73(66)
Yellow Blight Stone Yellow Blight Stone 22(32), 54(72), 81(150), 89(130)
Blue Blight Stone Blue Blight Stone 31(40), 64(140), 66(96), 93(146), 95(100), Vigil 1(50)
Blue Cypher Scope Blue Cypher Scope 65(94), 67(98), 68(200), 94(200), 96(105), Vigil 3(100), Gore Typhon Enraged(100)
Orange Cypher Scope Unavailable
Green Cypher Scope Unavailable


Image Name Missions(energy cost) where the artifact can be found
Green Xeno Splice Green Xeno Splice 11(23), 34(43)
Blue Xeno Splice Blue Xeno Splice 29(38), 35(44)
Red Xeno Splice Red Xeno Splice 32(60), 36(45), 76(78), Array 1(50)
Purple Xeno Splice Purple Xeno Splice 33(42), 57(78), 79(90), Array 2(75)
Yellow Xeno Splice Yellow Xeno Splice 38(70), 58(80), 60(83), 86(118), Array 3(100)
Aqua Xeno Splice Aqua Xeno Splice 59(82), 61(125), 88(126), 101(130), Array 4(150), Excelsitus Emerged(100)
Red Orbital Panel Unavailable
Green Orbital Panel Unavailable


Image Name Missions(energy cost) where the artifact can be found
Azure Pantheon Idol Azure Pantheon Idol 5(18), 24(50), 97(110)
Ruby Pantheon Idol Ruby Pantheon Idol 16(27), 25(35), 70(54), 98(115)
Red Pantheon Idol Red Pantheon Idol 17(40), 30(39), 71(58), 100(125)
Blue Pantheon Idol Blue Pantheon Idol 23(33), 51(65), 82(102), 103(140)
Orange Pantheon Idol Orange Pantheon Idol 37(46), 52(67), 56(150), 63(90), 83(106), 105(150), Vigil 2(75)
Purple Pantheon Idol Purple Pantheon Idol 53(105), 62(87), 90(134), 106(200), Vigil 4(150), Jotun Revitalized(100)
Green Pantheon Idol Unavailable
Blue Orbital Panel Unavailable

Repair KitsEdit

During Guild Wars, Repair Kits (Repair kit) are sometimes dropped from Missions instead of Artifacts. These kits can be used by guild officers to repair Fortresses.

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