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  • Name: Accelerated Production
  • Location: Ashrock
  • Energy: 70

Enemy DecksEdit

L: level, A: attack, H: health, D:delay (timer)

Sidoze (Phobos)3 11Heal Imperial 1Siege 1
Hornet Drones1 141Weaken 1
Aegis1 193Armor 1Heal 2
Dominator2 362Evade 1Strike 1
Revolution2 182Armor 1Strike 1
Terminator2 293Armor 2Rally Imperial 1
Trap Setter2 3104Heal 1Weaken 1
Bazooka Marine2 251Pierce 1
Swift Troops2 1103Rally Imperial 1
Dreadnaught1 332Armor 1
Regeneration Bay1 31Heal Imperial 1
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After a 9th victory, all enemy cards are fully upgraded:
Sidoze (Phobos)14Heal Imperial 2Siege 1
Hornet Drones2101Evade 2Weaken 3
Aegis4123Armor 3Heal All 2
Dominator372Evade 2Strike 1Pierce 3
Revolution282Armor 1Protect All Imperial 1Strike All 1
Terminator2113Armor 2Rally All Imperial 1Pierce 2
Trap Setter3104Counter 1Heal All 1Weaken 1
Bazooka Marine261Pierce 2
Swift Troops1103Rally Imperial 1Strike 1
Dreadnaught352Armor 1Siege 2
Regeneration Bay60Heal All Imperial 1




Halcyon: You left that project over a year ago. Could they have finished it without you?

Aria: We weren't close to finishing, but if he accelerated production, it's possible. We shouldn't take any chances.

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